Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

Q: How many students per workshop/class?

A: There is a maximum of 14 students per teacher for each workshop/class.

Q: How do I book into weekly classes?

A: Weekly classes are available to students who have either completed our Screen Acting 1 workshop or have demonstrable prior acting training experience. This ensures the quality of our more intermediate to advanced courses is retained. Once you have attended this workshop, you will receive an email inviting you to book into our weekly classes. Visit either our Youth or Adult Courses & Workshops pages for more information about our weekly classes.

Q: How do I get an agent?

A: The best way to get on the books with an agent is through training and experience. The Ali Roberts Studio is not an agency, although we do notify our currently enrolled students when suitable audition opportunities arise.

Youth Courses & Workshops FAQs

Q: Why do we mix the age-groups in our workshop?

A: Not all exercises are mixed. Students receive individual attention and are split into smaller groups for scene work. We also encourage students of different ages to work together for exercises like improvisation, as it’s more fun! On-set for film and TV or in theatre productions, the cast is frequently mixed-ages. This workshop is appropriate for students aged 9-17 years old.

Q: Are weekly classes mixed-ages?

A: We cater to each student’s individual needs and recommend classes with students of the same age and ability.