Voice & Accent

As the first studio in Perth to offer voice and accent to young actors, these classes have taken off and are popular amongst kids of all ages.

With both interesting and playful concepts, Voice & Accent classes are a unique experience, adding another skill to your acting toolbox.

Students will learn professional techniques to improve their voice skills and confidence in general. Every term, students develop and maintain their Standard American accent, as this is the most crucial for those wanting to audition internationally. In addition to this, they also experiment with a new accent each term. These include but are not limited to Irish, Cockney, British (Received Pronunciation), French, Southern American, German and Russian. There is nothing more rewarding than being accent fit when an audition calls for it!

We use traditional scripted scenes, as well as exercises developed by the Studio team, to teach a convincing conversational accent.

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Voice & Accent Workshop

Before beginning mainstream (weekly, in-term) classes students are invited to complete a prerequisite workshop. This workshop ensures that everyone commencing mainstream classes will have the foundational skills to comfortably integrate with our current students. It also allows us to get to know each student’s individual abilities.

Through script work and games, students begin to learn a Standard American accent, which is commonly requested in the acting industry. This workshop will cover paramount breathing techniques, voice placement and improvisation, encouraging a conversational standard. Students will work as a group and will also receive individual focus from the tutor.

Please note this workshop does not cover singing.

Accent Students, trained at Ali Roberts Studio.

It is strongly recommended that students complete the Stage & Screen Workshop before training in Voice & Accent. You can enrol in the Stage & Screen Workshop HERE or redeem our Combo Deal discount, for Stage & Screen and Voice & Accent, by enrolling below.

Please contact the studio to discuss your options if you have had previous stage and screen training elsewhere, and would like to enrol in Voice & Accent directly.

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