Ali Roberts Studio: Short Film Showcase 2023

We are excited to announce our Short Film Showcase for 2023 coming to Luna Cinemas in November!

We hope to provide an opportunity for emerging filmmakers and Ali Roberts Stduio talent to celebrate, network and see their work on the big screen!

We are currently accepting submissions for short films to showcase at our cinema screening.

The submission stage will be open until 3 September 2023 and we will be viewing projects as they come in until this time.

We will advise you if your film has been accepted to be screened by 17 September 2023.

A completed, high-quality copy of your film will be required by 2 October 2023.

  • Submit Your Project

    By September 3rd 2023

  • Successful Submissions Notified

    September 17th 2023

  • Final Copy of Project Required

    By October 2nd 2023

  • Short Film Showcase

    December 3rd 2023

Submission Criteria

  • The project MUST be under 15 minutes
  • The project MUST involve at least 1 (one) Ali Roberts Studio talent
  • If successful, a completed copy of the film MUST be made available to us by October 2nd