Frequently Asked Questions

Acting Training in Perth:

How do I start acting in Perth?
Starting your career with the right training is essential to become a well-rounded performer.
At Ali Roberts Studio, we teach an industry level standard that provides the student with the tools that are required at a professional level.

I want to make acting a career, where do I start?
Classes are a great way to start learning. Learning the proper skills and techniques are essential.
We offer industry guidance to those interested.

Studio Questions:

What class would be right for me?
For Adults ages 18+ Screen Acting 1.
For those ages 17 and under, the Stage and Screen course.

I’m an experienced Actor, can I skip Screen Acting 1 and go straight into Acting Fit?
Screen Acting 1 is essential for progression at our studio and cannot be skipped.

How old do I have to be to start?
Adults ages 18+ – Screen Acting 1.
Ages 18 and under – Stage and Screen.
Ages 5-8 years old – Drama Kings and Queens.

What is your class capacity?
We limit our classes at 12 so that each student gets individual attention.

How many studios do you have in Perth/WA?
We have one acting studio based in Leederville.

My child has done classes at another drama school in Perth, can they go straight into mainstream classes?
Regardless of your child’s previous training and acting experience, the Stage and Screen course allows the student to enter our mainstream classes knowing our teaching style and acting basics, so they don’t fall behind.
The skills in the Stage and Screen course are a great way to introduce your child to new skills or renew the basics.
More information on Stage and Screen courses can be found here.

Can I join Accent Fit and not do Screen Acting 1?
No, you must complete either Screen Acting 1 or Stage and Screen course, and the Accent Kickstarter course before joining Accent Fit.

Is this the best acting school in Perth?
You can check out our reviews on Facebook here and testimonials on Instagram here!

When do your courses run?
Screen Acting 1 is done as a 8-week course during the School Term.
Stage and Screen workshop is done as either a 3 day course during the school holidays or a 7-week course during the school term.

Whats other accents do you offer in Voice and Accent?
We focus on a standard American accents although we do cover, Recived Prounciaiton (British), Russian, French, German, Irish, Cockney and Southern American.

What if my child is unavailable on school holidays?
If we get enough interest for it, we run our Stage and Screen course during the school term.

What further training is there?
For adults, we offer weekly classes in acting and voice and accent.
We also have in-studio-workshops for various skills.

Do you have acting classes in the school holidays?
During the school holidays, we offer our Stage and Screen course for new students ages 17 and under.
For our current students, each holiday has a variety of workshops to broaden acting skills.

When do you run your classes?
We adhere to the school calendar, breaking our year up into four terms.
They differ from afternoons during the week or Saturday mornings on the weekend.

I’ve had no prior training, is this course right for me?
Yes! Our courses are enjoyed by all levels.

Agency Questions:

How do I get an Agent in Perth?
Agents are obtained by different ways, although, consistant training and building your skills helps!
We are lucky to be affiliated with our sister business ActorsMI, which can track the progression of our students.

Do you cast movies in Perth?
At Ali Roberts Studio we offer training that allows our students to be prepare for professional work. We do not cast movies.

How do I get auditions in Perth?
Consistent training is a great start, we work closely with our sister business ActorsMI, when actors who have consistenly trained and progressed we can help you with industry guidance.