Guest Tutors

The Studio prides itself in developing actors across all aspects of the performing arts. We regularly invite
guest tutors to work with our students. The knowledge and experience these tutors bring with them is
invaluable and allows our students to expand their acting toolbox.
Lisa London
Lisa LondonHollywood Casting Director
Mark DeFriest
Mark DeFriestScreen Director
Dave Newman
Dave NewmanCasting Director
Tom McSweeney
Tom McSweeneyCasting Director
Roz Hammond
Roz HammondActress, Writer, Director
Rob Marchand
Rob MarchandDirector, Character Based Improvisation Specialist
Louise Heesom
Louise HeesomCasting Director
Adam Mitchell
Adam MitchellTheatre Director
Luzita Fereday
Luzita FeredayVoice & Dialect
Kimberley Shaw
Kimberley ShawMusical Theatre