Albany: Stage & Screen

Stage & Screen Workshop

This Workshop covers essential skills and techniques for the young, budding actor.
As with all of our classes, we strive to nurture the individual performer and the ensemble cast member.

During the Stage & Screen Workshop, actors will cover:

  • Improvisation and Theatre Sports
  • Acting for Screen (Film and TV)
  • Filming a short scene, that they star in and participating as an extra
  • Acting for Stage (Theatre)
  • Audition techniques

At the conclusion of the workshop, parents are invited to a showcase of the stage pieces. You will also receive a copy of your edited film scene.

Bookings and dates below.

As our workshops have small numbers we able to cater for individual attention, as well as engaging students in group work. Advanced actors will be catered to with more challenging content.

Actors trained in Stage & Screen and Voice & Accent at Ali Roberts Studio.

Actors trained in Stage & Screen at the Ali Roberts Studio.

The above scenes were not filmed during the Stage & Screen Workshop. They are from our in-term classes.

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